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Chicken Peanut Sauté

Chicken Peanut Sauté on

Chicken Peanut Sauté on


I’m starting to think that I should just keep peanut sauce in my house at all times. Anytime there is a dinner crisis, it’s the first thing that pops into my head. Peanut sautés are quick, easy, and there are so many variations that it’s impossible that there isn’t one out there that you’d love.


English Toffee Cake

English Toffee Cake on English Toffee Cake on

I had this cake for the first time a U-Street Restaurant named Marvin in DC. Their warm toffee cake served with Salted Caramel ice cream was the perfect way to top off their delicious Chicken & Waffle dish. So, I decided to re-create the dessert at home and it’s definitely become a holiday tradition.

Back to Basics: Extra Chocolate Brownies

Extra Chocolate Brownies on Extra Chocolate Brownies on

There is nothing more perfect than an extra chocolatey brownie made from scratch. The holiday season is a perfect time to get caught up in breaking out your most impressive recipe for  your coveted chocolate truffle cake or immaculate lemon bars. And, I don’t blame you. Foodies cant help but to take pleasure in occasions that allow us to show off our culinary skills. But, let us not forget the simple creations that made us fall in love with all things food. These extra chocolate brownies will make you feel like your inner 8-year old who just wants to rush downstairs on Christmas morning and get your hands on your any treat you can lay your eyes on.

Grilled Watermelon

Grilled Watermelon on Grilled Watermelon on Grilled Watermelon on Grilled Watermelon on Grilled Watermelon on Grilled Watermelon on Grilled Watermelon on


 It seems as if the summer trend this year is to grill anything you possibly can. Although watermelon has been in the grilling game for a while, I wanted to give it a try and top it off with a refreshing mint taste. I’m convinced that if summer were a food, it’d be watermelon – a great summer snack or addition to your next salad. You can use an indoor or outdoor grill, whatever is most convenient for you.

Il semble que la tendance de l’été est de griller tout ce qui est possible. Bien que la pastèque ait été dans le jeu de griller pour longtemps, je voulais l’essayer et le couronner avec un goût à la menthe rafraîchissant. Je suis convaincue que si l’été était un aliment, ce serait la pastèque – un snack qui est excellent pour l’été ou un ajout à votre prochaine salade. Vous pouvez utiliser un gril intérieur ou extérieur, ce qui vous convient le mieux.

Roasted Red Pepper & Smoked Gouda Soup

Roasted Red Pepper & Smoked Gouda Soup on

Roasted Red Pepper & Smoked Gouda Soup on

Roasted Red Pepper & Smoked Gouda Soup on

 Finally emerging from the Test Kitchen is one of my favorite soups of all time (besides French Onion Soup). If you read the test kitchen post, then you’ll know that this recipe was inspired by my alma mater, University of Richmond. Creamy and savory are two of its best qualities and, once I graduated, there was just no way that I could give it up. With this soup, I can soothe my nostalgia and vicariously relive the experience of rushing out of class to beat the cafe line in the business school.

I didn’t anticipated having this recipe ready so soon after the test kitchen post. But I was so determined to get this soup closer to where I wanted it to be, especially since nostalgia kicks in ever so often. Looking over my notes from the test kitchen allowed me to remember what changes I needed to make in order to perfect the recipe. If you have a food/cooking blog, or if you just like to cook for leisure, I definitely encourage you to keep notes of the recipes you try and changes you’d like to make in the future. It is one extra step, but I promise you won’t regret it. I’m the type of person who will cook up a storm before I can even wrap my head around everything that I’ve made or want to make. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve completely forgotten about a dish I’ve made because I’m already on to the next!

I made a few bold changes to this soup (since last making the Test Kitchen version). Bravery ensued when I decided to use the smoked Gouda, which surprisingly gave this mild soup a bit of a kick. I was worried that the stronger, smokey taste would be too overpowering, but it actually gave this soup a bit of personality. The heavy cream created a more sooth and absorbent. Peeling the red peppers (the most tedious part of this whole recipe) and mastering the food processor both make all the difference. Once you’ve processed the peppers, the recipe is pretty much a straight shot from there!