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Living to Eat or Eating to Live | Changing Your Perspective on Food

Le Gourmand à DC -

Are we living to eat or eating to live is the question, and a very multifaceted one at that. As a self-proclaimed foodie, I can definitely argue that it is important to enjoy your culinary life and revel in the foods you love. But, nevertheless, food is still just a substance we use to keep our bodies nourished and alive. Even for the pickiest eater or non-foodie soul, we all still have to eat to stay alive. Throughout the past few years, I have been slowly altering my diet and becoming more selective about what I choose to ingest.


Minimalist -
Entering the working world right out college can be a bit overwhelming for many different reasons. The shift to being surrounded by your peers 24/7 and worrying only about classes and grades to being thrown into the real world with real life problems is nonetheless a shock. Suddenly, you’re in charge of everything in your life all at once. It can be liberating and petrifying at the same time. But, it can be a whole lot worse if your life, including your living space and work space, is not in order. As an aspiring lawyer, I’m on the quest to organize my life before law school begins to takes over my life. Hopefully, you’ll pick up a few tips and find comfort in knowing you’re not the only young professional overwhelmed with life.

Young Professional

Young Professional –

It’s Christmas! [almost] & company parties are filling up every venue and every restaurant in the city.  This wrap sweater has been hanging in the back of my closet for years and I finally decided to pull it out for my office Christmas party. I love that the wrap sweater creates a more formal, yet understated look for this all black ensemble.