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Beginner’s Guide to LA

// Los Angeles, California // 

My trip to Los Angeles to visit my line sister, Rachel, was filled with plenty of unexpected joys. As with my first time visiting any new place (especially in the US), I love experiencing the area as a tourist first as I gradually become familiar with the city’s culture. So, I introduce to you the beginner’s (touristy, yet obligatory) guide to LA.

Beverly Hills in LA on

| Explore Hollywood Boulevard |

This is the ultimate touristy spot of the city and, nonetheless, an obligatory experience. You can easily spend an entire afternoon in Hollywood walking along the Hollywood Walk of Fame or Shopping at the Hollywood & Highland Shopping Center. If you are that corny person (like me) that loves street performers, there are plenty that set up along the boulevard throughout the day.


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Good Morning Coronado

Good Morning Coronado

Good Morning! Checking in from the west coast and thought I’d give a little intro on my experiences thus far in California. It’s a busy busy day so I’ll keep today’s post short & sweet.Living outside of the U.S. last year actually made me realize that there are some amazing destinations in my own country that I have yet to take advantage of. So, although I was traveling for business, I wanted to use some of the time to explore this exclusive Sand Diego island as much as I could.

If I could explain Coronado in one word, it would be peaceful. It’s slightly away from the hustle and bustle of downtown but there are just enough people and tourists to not feel like you are secluded.

Good Morning Coronado Good Morning Coronado

If I wasn’t already in love  with California,Hotel Del Coronado would have done it for me. ‘The Del’ pretty much gives this quaint little area its purpose especially since it has been here for over a century and holds enough history for all of San Diego.

Good Morning Coronado