Beginner’s Guide to LA

// Los Angeles, California // 

My trip to Los Angeles to visit my line sister, Rachel, was filled with plenty of unexpected joys. As with my first time visiting any new place (especially in the US), I love experiencing the area as a tourist first as I gradually become familiar with the city’s culture. So, I introduce to you the beginner’s (touristy, yet obligatory) guide to LA.

Beverly Hills in LA on

| Explore Hollywood Boulevard |

This is the ultimate touristy spot of the city and, nonetheless, an obligatory experience. You can easily spend an entire afternoon in Hollywood walking along the Hollywood Walk of Fame or Shopping at the Hollywood & Highland Shopping Center. If you are that corny person (like me) that loves street performers, there are plenty that set up along the boulevard throughout the day.


Rodeo Drive in LA on

Chicken Peanut Sauté

Chicken Peanut Sauté on

Chicken Peanut Sauté on


I’m starting to think that I should just keep peanut sauce in my house at all times. Anytime there is a dinner crisis, it’s the first thing that pops into my head. Peanut sautés are quick, easy, and there are so many variations that it’s impossible that there isn’t one out there that you’d love.


English Toffee Cake

English Toffee Cake on English Toffee Cake on

I had this cake for the first time a U-Street Restaurant named Marvin in DC. Their warm toffee cake served with Salted Caramel ice cream was the perfect way to top off their delicious Chicken & Waffle dish. So, I decided to re-create the dessert at home and it’s definitely become a holiday tradition.

Back to Basics: Extra Chocolate Brownies

Extra Chocolate Brownies on Extra Chocolate Brownies on

There is nothing more perfect than an extra chocolatey brownie made from scratch. The holiday season is a perfect time to get caught up in breaking out your most impressive recipe for  your coveted chocolate truffle cake or immaculate lemon bars. And, I don’t blame you. Foodies cant help but to take pleasure in occasions that allow us to show off our culinary skills. But, let us not forget the simple creations that made us fall in love with all things food. These extra chocolate brownies will make you feel like your inner 8-year old who just wants to rush downstairs on Christmas morning and get your hands on your any treat you can lay your eyes on.

Chichen Itza

Chichen Itza on

Chichen Itza on Chichen Itza on

At the mouth of the well Itza

|Yucatan, Mexico|

It has been long an unexpected hiatus, but I’m finally back to reflect on my most recent travel experience in Mexico. Outside of the luxuries of the city of Cancun and the Quintana Roo state lies a very extensive history and culture. If you are planning on traveling to Cancun in the future, reserve some time to go to Chichen Itza and the other beautiful sites that the region has to offer.

Il y a longtemps été et interruption inattendue, mais je retourne enfin pour réfléchir à mon experience plus récent au Mexique. A l’extérieur du luxe de la ville de Cancun et Quintana Roo est situé une histoire et une culture très vaste. Si vous planifiez voyager à Cancun à l’avenir, réservez du temps pour aller à Chichen Itza et les autres beaux sites que la région a offrir.