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Pepper Leaf Chimichurri Chicken


What surprised me about Peppers of the Americas is the number of pepper varieties that I did not even know existed. Not only do they exist, but they are all pretty distinct in there flavors. If you want a visually rich explanation of one of the most influential ingredients in the Americas, this is your book. From the Bolivian Rainbow pepper ornamental to the Peruvian Chinchi Uchu, Peppers goes through the characteristics of each pepper variety in great detail.

Although a bit complex, this all-inclusive ingredient book gives a pretty extensive and useful run down of all things peppers. The equipment used in the recipes and several of the ingredients can be a bit tricky to find. Don’t worry, I’ve made this chimichurri recipe a bit more “basic” by offering Italian parsley as a substitute for the pepper leaves if you’re unable to find them at your local market.

Thai Coconut Red Curry

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The week leading up to a holiday is always awkward when it comes to cooking. I haven’t stopped thinking about what to make for Christmas dinner since the day after Thanksgiving. The awkwardness comes with the meals in between, because every meal after Thanksgiving is just a pregame for the next big holiday meal. The week before Christmas is especially annoying because I don’t want to eat anything that is too similar to what I’ll be eating for Christmas dinner. This means that the traditional holiday ingredients that I usually use around this time are off the table when it’s this close to the holiday, including sweet potatoes and anything cranberry really. This might just be me, but I really take Christmas dinner that seriously. This Thai Coconut Red Curry was the perfect solution. It’s an easy dish to double and keep over a few days to give yourself a cooking break. Plus, it still gives off the warm, comfort food[ie] feeling that we all want around this time of year.

Chicken Peanut Sauté

Chicken Peanut Sauté on thedanareneeway.com

Chicken Peanut Sauté on thedanareneeway.com


I’m starting to think that I should just keep peanut sauce in my house at all times. Anytime there is a dinner crisis, it’s the first thing that pops into my head. Peanut sautés are quick, easy, and there are so many variations that it’s impossible that there isn’t one out there that you’d love.


Ping Pong Dim Sum

Ping Pong Dim Sum on thedanareneeway.com

 In honor of Chinese New Year, I headed down to Ping Pong Dim Sum to keep up my streak of trying new things. Dim Sum is a dish (or series of small plates) of steamed or fried dumplings with various fillings and flavors. It’s usually served as a main course (similar to tapas in Spanish culture). All the talk about traditional Chinese cuisine had me itching to see what all of the hype is about. Plus, I could fall in love with any tradition that involves continuously serving plates of food.


It’s Super Bowl time! The moment every football-lover awaits every year and the moment every ‘free tailgate food-lover’ awaits every year. You can probably guess which one I am. Indeed, I will eat all of your food and ask ‘how much longer until half time?’ every 10 minutes. Although the recent Patriot cheating scandal caught my attention, I’m not a football follower. As a recent (and, future) student, I’ve never had the time to really follow a sport, let alone develop a genuine loyalty to a team. Irregardless (straight from The Mean Girls Dictionary) I prefer basketball over any professional sport. (I’m open to any suggestions and a full analysis on which NBA team should be my favorite) Anyways, it’s the perfect time to explore alternatives to the regular and predictable Super Bowl Chili and chips and salsa.