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Planning Your Trip to Cuba

Havana, Cuba on www.thedanareneeway.com

| Havana, Cuba |

Since returning from Cuba, I have been asked quite a few times about my trip and my experience with traveling to what has always been known to us as a “forbidden country.” Traveling to Cuba was everything and, if you decide to go, I promise you that you will not regret deciding to make the trip. Below are some tips based on my personal travel experiences.


Aéroport On www.thedanareneeway.com

Aéroport On www.thedanareneeway.com

Aéroport On www.thedanareneeway.com

|An Airport Somewhere|

As an aspiring world traveler, airports are like playground to me. The atmosphere is full of excitement and everyone is usually happy to be traveling to new territory. For some, finding the way around an airport can be a nightmare. Since, I’m off to a new destination, I’m reflecting on my travel experiences and sharing my secrets on how to not completely lose your mind on travel day.

Comme quelqu’un qui inspire d’être un globe trotteur, les aéroports sont comme un terrain de jeu pour moi. L’atmosphère est plein d’enthousiasme et tout le monde est heureux voyager à un nouveaux territoire. Pour quelques personnes, se frayer un chemin à travers dans un aéroport peut être un cauchemar. Puisque je m’en vais à une nouvelle destination, je réfléchis sur mes expériences et partage mes secrets de comment ne pas perdre la tête en voyageant.